Episode 4: Family Ties

Episode 4

Quote of the Podcast: “I mean even though I can’t stand Vicky, she can do better and change herself, but if she keeps flipping back and forth between those two losers, like…I don’t like them” -Jennifer


One thought on “Episode 4: Family Ties

  1. Damon is so creepy.
    Yeah why make out when the parental units are there?
    Maybe Zach just has no respect for Damon and so just doesn’t cell him uncle.
    Tyler + Jeremy for evah lol
    Stefan’s gotta have something.
    “Elena was really retarded” *snort*
    I don’t think it was all Elena’s fault lol but yeah
    “You’ll find out later” nicely done
    “it would make her retorted like everyone else” lol
    “I can never feel bad for Damon because of his actions.” I agree!
    Caroline just wants to be loved. Aww I wonder if that scene was Damon’s effect wearing off?

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