Episode 3: Friday Night Bites

Episode 3

Quote of the podcast: “It was the last round of Stefan vs. Mr. Tanner” –Alta


3 thoughts on “Episode 3: Friday Night Bites

  1. Damon is a rapist. :[

    Stefan joins the football team. Lol

    SPOILER lol. You totally spoiled that werewolf thing. Lol

    LMAO! I died when you mentioned rinsing the bowl! I do that too! OMG! Oh it hurts! (Also how come no one mentioned in the first episode how when Elena was in the boys room NO ONE WASHED THEIR HANDS? It was disgusting! Okay back to this episode.)

    Also Bonnie doesn’t really seem like a cheerleader either.

    Mean girls. Lol

    I love Bonnie’s face when she’s ignoring Stefan.

    Damon = Rapist. *shakes head*

    She slapped him. It was the best.

    I think his he wiped his hand on his leg or something.

    Damon liked it when Elena slapped him.

    Where is this thread? I can’t find anything on Fan forum!

    • Lol. I was telling Jennifer not to spoil Janine, and I went right ahead and did it. I just wanted her to have a frame of reference for Tyler’s asshatedness. And I really did tell her about the werewolves when I was explaining the show to her. Lol.

      When you go to fanforum.com, go to present shows, then go to The Vampire Diaries, and then you can find any thread you want. Let me know how it goes!


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