Some News and Episode 2: The Night of the Comet

Just a little note: Julie Plec, one of the executive producers for the show will be answering fan questions this Thursday. The thread to post questions to her is now gone, but you can look for the interview Thursday at And look out for a special episode on what we think of her answers!

Episode 2

Quote of the Podcast: “She’s like ‘Stefan, Stefan’. It’s like, ‘can’t you walk around?’” -Janine


4 thoughts on “Some News and Episode 2: The Night of the Comet

  1. They are the trend. Aren’t they like the second couple to die in the woods recently?

    But seriously I wouldn’t be out there, Murder or no. I don’t camp

    Damon is a bastard. 😉

    \o/ Bonnie!

    LOL bird! Yes, get the hell out bird!

    LOL “left or right?” Lol “Candle help us the comet better in the dark’ right.

    I think Vickie is hurt too. Yes!

    Damon is a dick. 🙂

    Vickie. I liked her character … or maybe I just liked the actress.

    Oh Caroline! Oh she was compelled … yes. Well Caroline likes to have sex. 😡 she is a little loose but I can’t hate her for it. Women shouldn’t be punished for having sexual appetites.

    I think Tyler looked like the better man. He didn’t resort to violence not on the school ground. I don’t think Vickie is in school.

    • Omg when you said you didn’t think Vicky was in school, a light bulb went on in my head that you were right, but then I remembered that Jeremy gave her the pills during school, and she kissed Tyler during school. It’s hard for us to remember that because we’ve never seen her in class! Lol.

      Yeah, there the second couple.


    • it’s not her sexual appetite that weird it’s that fact that she slept with someone that she didn’t even know and he ended up being a vampire and biting her. i mean what if he was a murderer and he was stalking her, he probably would have killed her after he slept with her so she’s lucky all she got was a bite from a sexy vampire lol, who happens to be a dick. lol


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