The Witch Goddess Summer Prompt Fest!

The Witch Goddess is a livejournal community about TVD’s Bonnie Bennett (check out the link on the right!). If you think the writers could have done a better job with either Bonnie’s, Sheila’s, Emily’s, or Bree’s stories, then The Witch Goddess has just what you need! They’re having a summer prompt fest where fans can submit and/or fulfill story ideas involving one of the previously mentioned fabulous witches. If making videos, arts, icons, fanmixes, or writing meta is your thing, then you can still head over there because there are requests in all of these categories (or you can request something in those categories)!

You’ll only be able to make a request until May 31st, so head over there, join, and participate! More details are available at the community.


Flail or vent

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