Witches of East End 2.03: “I just think….maybe it was never about you?”

Killian said this to Freya, and I.laughed.out.loud.

Please don’t let him be under Ava’s spell, because I need that line to stay hilarious. I want Killian to really have come to the conclusion that he was pursuing Freya because he was lost. He can take it back later. He can change his mind. But I want that line to have come from him and not anything Ava did because I am CACKLING!

In The Old Man and the Key, Freya spent her life savings to fly to the Dominican Republic, only to get told that, “Maybe it was never about you?” I need that on a loop!

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Witches of East End 2.02: The Son Also Rises

Wendy is the odd one out, but she will persevere!

At least I hope so.

Frederick is bad to the bone. The show isn’t hiding that from anyone except Joanna, Freya and Ingrid. The only thing to discover is why he came back to the family.

It’ll be great if Victor falls on Wendy’s side when he comes back, because someone needs to be alert enough to notice the curse that Frederick has put on her.
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Witches of East End 2.01: BDSM, Bianca Lawson, and Tentacle Sex

This episode had it all.

need to start off with how attracted I suddenly am to Dash, though. I mean he always looked nice. But the confusion, anger, “dark aura,” et al that he had going on in this episode? Hot. Yes, doctah, throw another table.

Love you down

I was sweating harder than Queen Joanna, that man was so fine. But I’ll come back to him.

The episode opened a week after the season 1 finale, and every Beauchamp was up to something. I sincerely thought that Joanna and Victor were about to have some sex, so the show succeeded with that imagery. I was looking at Joanna like, “Damn, girl, you’re into some scurry sh*t.” But Vic was only treating her (mmm-hmm), and it was painful as hell for her.

Joanna was great in this episode. Once again, kudos to Julia Ormond.

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Witches of East End 1.10: Oh, What a World!

Give it up to me for finishing the season in less than a year! Whoop, woop!

Oh, it would’ve been a beautiful wedding. Freya looked absolutely gorgeous, and Joanna and Wendy were stunning. Ingrid was there. I mean, I accept that they don’t dress her up as a looker. It’s okay. I’m okay.

So everyone on the writing team decided that this was the episode where Freya would suddenly have a problem with the way Dash lives his life. Oh, this sapphire necklace is way too much and just not me. Oh, I’m gonna live in this big ‘ole mansion as if I haven’t spent nights upon nights there before. Oh, I just want to marry the man I love, bringing up imagery of the simple life, meanwhile she jumped at the chance to go to London for two days when Dash invited her. And oh yeah, her big ass diamond ring, as Ingrid pointed out.

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Witches of East End 1.09: Ingrid is the key!

This episode was easy breezy, but I know it’s because things are going to pop all the way off in the finale.

It’s the day of Freya’s engagement party, but she can’t be excited about it because her powers are still gone. She says that she feels empty, like a part of her is missing. I don’t even know why Ingrid tried that “At least you don’t have to lie to Dash anymore” as a means of making her feel better. Freya’s powers haven’t intruded on her relationship with Dash. Her attraction to Killian has. Freya hasn’t had to run off to go save anyone or fix anything, so lying to Dash about her powers hasn’t been an issue.

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Witches of East End 1.08: Joanna is full of secrets!

Let me list what I learned:

  • Witches come from Asguard
  • Joanna and Wendy’s father, Ingrid and Freya’s grandfather, rules there
  • The Serpens Claven corrupted the father
  • He banished his daughters from Asguard and has threatened to kill them if they ever return
  • Joanna has a son named Frederick who chose his grandfather’s side. I wonder if he’s the oldest, then
  • Joanna is the reason that the women are cursed (which I guessed in the last review)
  • Joanna’s husband is still alive, and he’s close by!

Is that it? I think that’s it. At first I thought Frederick was Joanna’s husband or great lover, but nope. He’s her son. This woman is full of secrets, and I love it. I love her. I love her voice (yes, I remember raising my eyebrow at her accent in the beginning, but the show seems to have accepted it and they’re letting her use the accent); I love her inflection; I love her acting; I just love everything about her.

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