I’m still alive! + Flailings About The Walking Dead

How DEAD is this blog? :(

My main excuse is that I have a full time job now. Along with that, I drive an hour to get to it and an hour back, so when I get home, I am sleepy.

I’ve fallen behind on every show that I’m supposed to be reviewing. Clearly, I have not watched Scandal over the summer like I said I was going to. INSTEAD, I’ve been watching The Walking Dead! And it didn’t even take me that long, really. I started it over the 4th of July weekend, and finished season 4 about two weeks after.

The zombies kept me away (not because I’m scared or creeped out, but because I’m not interested in zombies or apocalypse stories). My mom and sister watching it during the 4th of July weekend brought me into it, because I am the tv show junkie in our house, and I don’t like to be left out when they’re interested in a show, and I don’t know about it. Makes no sense.

But I love this show! It’s so freaking amazing, and well-written and has great characters who experience incredible growth. And the continuity! If you’ve read/listened to two or more reviews on this blog, then you know how important continuity is to me, and this show, this show gets it. *Wipes tear*

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Prelude to a Breakup?

Hi all Scandal fans,

We haven’t watched the latest episode yet, but we’re up to date about what happened between Jake and Olivia. For that reason, we’ve decided to take a break from Scandal until the season closes. Keeping up with the week-to-week roller coaster is exhausting. It’s not because of Jake, and it is because of Jake. Jake is an example. Before him it was Maya, before her it was Rowan, before him it was Huck, before him it was Fitz. Point: there’s no positivity in Olivia’s life and thus no positivity on the show. Neither of us signed up to watch ‘Po Little Olivia who can’t get her life together and can’t have anyone positive in her life. That’s not how the show was promoted, and that’s not why we tuned in. We will revisit it in the summer and perhaps continue to podcast it (we’ll make another announcement whichever way), because right now the week to week thing is not working, and catching up with missed episodes on one of our parts is a chore, and that feeling didn’t exist last season and especially the first season. Both of us are too busy with real life to be dedicating not just an hour to watching a show filled with a miserable lead character, but then another hour to take notes on it, and another two hours to talk about it, and then another couple of hours to edit the podcast. Olivia Pope’s world isn’t an escape anymore; it’s a headache.

-Alta and Sabrina

Scandal 3.13: No Sun on the Horizon

In this terrible episode, Olivia speaks of darkness and sunlight only to choose the former at the last minute. Sally wants to confess her sin to the whole world in the presidential debate and this has Cyrus sweating about finally going to jail. Quinn has to pay her dues in B613 and  complains all the way until she realizes the world doesn’t bend to her ego. David gets cold feet about Publius and then James gets cold feet about Publius, so Jake decides to end their unproductive partnership by shooting one of them. In spite of most of this and because of the last event, Sabrina remains satisfied with Scandal’s return so far.

Scandal 3.13  *I’m currently unable to upload the podcast directly to the blog because of internet issues. This link takes you to Mediafire where you can listen and download.

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Scandal 3.11: Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal’s back with the mostly satisfying Ride, Sally, Ride. Olivia is Fitz’s new campaign manager until resurfaced rumors of her possible affair with him make her change her mind. Sally announces her bid as an Independent for the next presidential race but emphasizes that she will complete her term as Vice President first. Sally’s announcement lights a fire under Fitz to find a running mate, and his choice ends up having a surprising connection to Mellie. James is partnering up with David once again in hopes of bringing justice to Daniel Douglas; Rowan vows to put Fitz six feet under for dethroning him as command, and we finally meet Adnan Salif.

I apologize for my heavy breathing in parts of the podcast. I was sick at the time and didn’t realize how loud my breathing would get.-Alta

Scandal 3.11

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Teen Wolf S03E19: Lutharia Vulpina Review

This episode didn’t let me down. It was a nice follow-up from last week, though of course it wasn’t 100% perfect. This is Teen Wolf, headed by the one and only Jeff Davis. Of course there were problems.

Let’s start with Deaton. Yes, his entrance was cool. Yes, him paralyzing that one man was also cool. But where did he come from? I thought the flashbacks from last episode were happening in Japan, so when he showed up, I was like, “Deaton flew to Japan?”

Who recommended him to the gang? Since when does he make house calls? Why does he make house calls? I thought he was done with all of this except for Scott? When did he come into this storyline? The last time we saw him he was talking about doors and jars. Now he’s all about possession? Why couldn’t we have seen Scott talking to him about this? You know, at work? They could’ve worked a scene or two in last episode since Deaton was actually mentioned with regards to security.

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